Tionesta woman accused of repeatedly stalking OC man

From staff reports

A Tionesta woman is facing charges for repeatedly contacting and harassing an Oil City man.

Oil City police said in a criminal complaint they were contacted in January by a man who said Heather Thomas, 26, left a letter hanging from his mailbox.

The man said issues he has had with Thomas have been going on for several years and that protection from abuse orders were issued against her that she had violated several times during 2018, the complaint said. There is no current PFA against Thomas, according to the complaint.

The man showed police messages from Thomas that indicated Thomas changes her phone number by using an app in an attempt to contact him, the complaint said.

She also showed up at his house in the early morning hours when he got off work to try to make contact with him, the complaint said.

The complaint notes that several reports have previously been made to police about Thomas’s behavior and that she has been told by the man and his family members, as well as police, to stop contacting him and to stop showing up at his house, which she has ignored.

Thomas again went to the man’s house on Beach Street in early February and wouldn’t leave, the complaint said.

When police arrived she was in her car in front of the house and she told officers she had come to give the man birthday presents, the complaint said. Police told Thomas she wasn’t wanted there and should leave, according to the complaint.

Thomas refused to leave, and she told police she would return when he wasn’t home.

Thomas has been charged with three felony counts of stalking, three misdemeanor counts of harassment, and two misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct.

A preliminary hearing for Thomas is scheduled June 30.