OC police have been to schools 8 times in 2 weeks

From staff reports

Oil City police said Friday they have responded to eight reported incidents at the Oil City high school or middle school in the last two weeks.

Police also said that they and the Oil City School District have taken a “zero tolerance” approach to these incidents, whether they involve willful misconduct or casual utterances and joking.

Police said the eight responses have been for reported threats of students possessing firearms on school property, acts of aggression by students toward other students and faculty, and incidents with the intent to cause alarm and instill fear.

All the juvenile offenders in these cases have been prosecuted through the Venango County juvenile justice system due to the efforts of police and school district staff, police said.

Charges that have been filed against the suspects include causing or risking catastrophe, felony and misdemeanor counts of terroristic threats, simple assault, disorderly conduct and others.