OC juniors win powder puff game

Student contributor

Every year at Oil City High School, the student body puts together a Powder Puff Football game for the girls. There are rules for the flag football game so people do not get hurt. You have to wear a mouthguard and there’s absolutely no tackling allowed.

Every year, the freshmen play against the juniors and the sophomores play against the seniors. This year turned out to be a little different. The seniors ended up not playing because their team did not have enough players, so the freshman team was split in half. The juniors and sophomores both played a freshman team. The winners of those games would continue to the championship game.

The freshmen were coached by Devon and Gavin Stephens. The sophomore team was coached by Johnny Hargenrader, Ethen Knox, and Justen Dunkle. The juniors were coached by Carl Chelton, Jacob Vanwormer, and Alex Stevens.

The first game of the night was freshman versus sophomores. The game ended with the freshman taking the victory. The score was 31-7. Freshmen Libbie Arnick, Nicki Petro, Shayla, and Riley all had touchdowns that game. Sophomores Adrianna Cochran had a touchdown and Daleah Jones had a one-point conversion.

The second game of the night was juniors versus the other freshman team. The juniors took the victory, 22-0. During the game, juniors Ansley Svolos had an interception and a touchdown and Emma Stahl and Kylee Copley had touchdowns.

The championship game ended the night. The game was intense during the entire first half and most of the second half. The juniors came out at the end with Copley and Cassidy Stutley scoring a touchdown along with Bailey Wise having a two-point conversion. Emma Stahl also had an interception. The freshman did not give up though and ended up getting one touchdown and a one-point conversion, both scored by Riley. The ending score was 13-7, handing the juniors the victory. The juniors had taken it all and won the whole thing with help from their MVP player of the night, Ansley Svolos.


Abigail Kreidler is a student at Oil City High School and a member of the school’s Oiler News staff.