Gray days

Kennedy enjoys breakfast on a foggy morning last week.

A recent stretch of gray days has left some of us wondering just when the sun will appear again. The forecast for the rest of the week doesn’t look to promising either. This is especially when the National Weather Service posted an outlook that stated, “Showers likely, then showers.” One guesses that we’re gonna get a little wet.

Meanwhile, the dreary weather can actually affect our moods more than we might think. SAD is a type of depression that primarily affects people during the fall and winter months, according to the Mayo Clinic News Network. It can sometimes require treatment such as light boxes and help from a mental health professional, according to the network. The network also suggested folks go outside especially when the sun makes an appearance.

Despite the rain and gray skies, the temperatures are a little on the warm side. The wild critters are on the move, mostly due to a few more hunters in the field and not the weather.


A doe keeps watch.



Frost coats the fruit on a burning bush shrub.



Fog and a gray sky are reflected in a Pinegrove Township pond.



The sun makes a brief appearance on Sunday.



Trees are reflected in a skiff of ice on a Pinegrove Township pond.

Crazy Critters


Kennedy enjoys a frosty breakfast.


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