Cranberry’s Holiday Spirit

Cranberry Elementary School student Zachary McDevitt receives his prize for winning ugly Christmas sweater day.

Tracy Burkhart, elementary teacher at Cranberry, receives her prizes for winning the Christmas baking contest.

Cranberry High School student Brady Herr wins on ugly Cranberry sweater day.

Student contributor

During the week of Dec. 14, Cranberry Area High School held its first ever virtual holiday spirit week. Each school day offered themed activities from holiday baking to Christmas-themed TikToks for students, staff, and the community to compete.

Winners were chosen every day, and more than 100 gifts were sent straight to winners’ doorsteps by Cranberry teachers. Participants based in the Cranberry district, as well as guest students from Oil City and Keystone School District, all received prizes.

This event was orchestrated by the Senior High Student Council, headed by teacher Heather Motter, as well as the Journalism and Publications class, led by Trisha Dixon.

The school thanks everyone who participated in this spirit week for making it a success and source of holiday cheer.


Ady Carter is a student at Cranberry High School and a member of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications class.