Cranberry’s Fireworks Spectacular 2019

By HANNAH NIEDERRITER – Student Contributor

Clear skies with a hint of humidity were present for the arrival of the 13th annual Fireworks Spectacular in Cranberry. Arriving around 7 p.m., I was able to clearly witness the multitude of carnival game booths, the five or so amusement park rides, as well as the considerable amount of people strolling about. Laughter and chatter along with the music of various artists and speakers saturated the surrounding areas.

I was immediately beckoned to the aforementioned booths by several carnival workers. Multicolored plushies and toys of universal liking lined the side walls, drawing plenty of attention from young onlookers. Among the space of these booths, some rides for adolescents attracted a decent amount of bystanders, too. 

After a moderate amount of roaming and conversing with friends and acquaintances, I moved along to grab a bite to eat. Food vendors with a nice selection were set up by members of the community, such as the Lions Club and the Log Cabin Restaurant. Meanwhile, gathering families, as well as myself, were serenaded by performing musicians. 

However, the festivities weren’t only confined to the parking lot of the Cranberry Mall. Inside, lines of parents and eager children led the way to a face painting station as well as a balloon twisting site. As soon as the kids were in possession of a new balloon animal, hat, or other creation, beams of delight fell across their faces. The same could be said for the freshly face-painted juveniles. 

After venturing out for a tad longer, I retired to my viewing point for the fireworks with friends and family. While waiting eagerly, my camera positioned for the perfect shot, the booming of a vibrant, colorful display captivated those observing. Blood scarlet, sapphire blue, and pale gold detonated amid the obsidian sky. Several minutes of these brilliant illuminations passed by before the grand finale occurred. 

A momentary pause took place before dozens of fireworks were lit and fired into the dark abyss of night. Crowds cheered, people captured photographs, and some attempted to escape before the inevitable departure traffic. A smile graced my face along with those around me as the dazzling pyrotechnics tapered off into nothingness. 


Hannah Niederriter is a student at Cranberry High School and a member of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications group.