CHS Searches For Some ‘Berry’ Talented Students

Student contributor

Everyone loves a good talent show, so Cranberry is ushering in a virtual talent competition.

There is a wide range of categories in which students can enter, such as singing, magic, or visual art.

Students will submit a video of themselves performing their talent through a link that will be sent to them through an email. Some talents will require both images and a video to be counted, while others will only need a video. Students may also submit a group or community talent, which will be voted on separately than individual ones.

The grand overall prize throughout all categories will be thirty dollars. In each specific category, 1st place will receive a twenty dollar gift card, 2nd place will receive a fifteen dollar gift card, and 3rd place will receive a ten dollar gift card. The winner of the group submissions will receive fifty dollars.

Students may try out for as many categories as they want but are only allowed to win a prize in one of them. They will have to enter each category separately, and not put all of their videos and images into one entry.

CHS stresses that all acts, especially group or community ones, are to still follow the current health guidelines set in place, such as a 10 person limit when multiple people are involved and wearing masks. This will also help to promote these rules to others.

All ages will be allowed to enter the contest; however, anybody under the age of 18 will require parental consent before they submit any of their acts.

February 5th will be the deadline for submissions of all categories, and the winners will be announced and given their prizes on the 22nd. CHS believes that this will be a great event for the student body to participate in, and encourages as many people to join as possible.


Devin Zerbe is a student at Cranberry High School and a member of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications class.