3 is company on daily walks

A bobtailed orange cat accompanies Rouseville resident Mike Meitus and his beagle, Buddy, as they walk near Betts Machine Shop. (Submitted photo)
From staff reports

Each day, Rouseville resident Mike Meitus and his beagle Buddy take a walk on the road behind Betts Machine shop, but they are never alone – a bobtailed orange cat always follows.

If Meitus and Buddy stop, the cat stops; as the walk continues, the cat walks along behind.

Meitus, a Vietnam veteran, says the cat doesn’t belong to him. He found the owner, but the cat continues to find its way back to Meitus and Buddy.

In every sense of the words, Meitus is an “animal lover.”

He also feeds two raccoons, two squirrels, possums, four pigeons, and other birds.