Vo-Tech’s List of Excellence

The following Venango Technology Center students were named to the list of excellence for the second nine-week grading period:

Allied Health Occupations – Brooke Gart, Oil City; Noelle Rea, Franklin; Sarah Shook, Rocky Grove; Kassi Beichner, Oil City; Hope Kellogg, Oil City; Ruthie Weis, Titusville; Kaleigh-Ann Brink, Rocky Grove; Caitlin Underhill, Titusville

Auto Body Repair Technology – Ryan Guth, Franklin; Steven Kaylor, Rocky Grove; Austin Stelene, Franklin; David Finley, Titusville; Shannon Wolfe, Titusville; Luke Gratkowski, Cranberry; Devon McCarl, Titusville

Automotive Technology – Ryan Ames, Oil City; Noah Covington, Rocky Grove; Nicole Malone, Rocky Grove; Austin Story, Franklin; Devin Updyke, Franklin; Sara Willyoung, Franklin; Andrew Smith, East Forest; Nakoby Whitmore, Cranberry

Building Construction Technology – Vincent Greco, Franklin; Ty Persing, Rocky Grove; Kody Craig, Oil City; Zachary Huegel, Cranberry; Cole Tassone, Cranberry

Computer Aided Drafting & Design – Zach Bacher, Franklin; Alexxzander Brink, Rocky Grove; Benjamin Knecht, Oil City; Brandy Rossey, East Forest

Computer Information Systems – Nathan Ace, Franklin; Dakota Boone, Franklin; John DeMarches, Franklin; Rebecca Whitmer, Rocky Grove; Joshua Maifeld, Titusville

Cosmetology – Alyssa Feltenberger, Franklin; Shaina Moyer, West Forest

Culinary Arts – Michael Spaziani, Oil City

Electronic Technology – Jacob Baker, Franklin; Nicholas Deeter, Oil City; Matthew Fox, Cranberry; Galen Hall, Cranberry; Niklos Kossman, Cranberry; Rachel Rimer, Cranberry; Ethan Sherry, Titusville; Justin Miller, Oil City

Machine Tool Technology – Copelin Ginnery, Rocky Grove; Kendall Hoffman, Franklin

Marketing Education – Ashley Goodman, Franklin; Dustin Seigworth, Rocky Grove; Katie Burrows, Titusville; Sarah Fye, Oil City

Natural Resources – Kayla Chatley, Franklin; William Exley, Oil City; Emilee Pullease, Oil City

Protective Services – Steven Carpenter, Franklin; Austin Daily, Oil City; Nicholas Lallemand, Franklin; Katherynn Ripple, Rocky Grove; Dustin Rossman, Franklin; Elizabeth Walters, Oil City; Aaron Scott, Titusville; Ronald Harkless, Oil City; Taylor Mietus, Oil City; Isaac Stokes, Franklin

Welding Technology – James Ausel, Franklin; Tyler Barker, Oil City; Caleb Kingdom, Franklin; Ryan LaVan, Rocky Grove; Matthew Maldonado, Oil City; Benjamin Middleton, Oil City; Trevor Sharp, Oil City; Michael Smith, Franklin; Jordan Thompson, Franklin; Trent Aurand, Oil City; Bodie Bowles, Titusville; Travis Crate, Cranberry; Justin Deets, Oil City; Thomas Flinspach, Cranberry; Nicholas Fox, Cranberry; Ryan Hughes, Cranberry; Channing McKissick, Cranberry; Dylan Perry, Cranberry; Gavin Reisinger, Titusville; Timothy Walters, Oil City; Benjamin Restauri, Franklin; Zackery Sharrer, Franklin; Dakota Coulter, Titusville; Tanner Rose, Titusville