Two OC artists awarded grant through Pa. Partners in Arts

 Two Oil City artists have been awarded a grant through the Pennsylvania Partners in Arts to produce an alfombra project at the Jolly July 3rd celebration Sunday at Justus Park in Oil City.

Margaret Brostrom and George Cooley will create the alfombra all day.

The artists will create a design that will be 20 square feet and contain more than 10 bright colors.

Sawdust rugs are street carpets using dyed sawdust to create vibrant pictures or carpets, called alfombras.

Street-sized alfombras are created during Holy Week in Central American countries. There is no religious intent for the Oil City alfombra, but the artists will mimic the techniques.

The Jolly July 3rd celebration is sponsored by the Oil City Arts Council, and information about the celebration can be found by going to