Titusville PD takes on lip sync challenge

The Titusville Police Department is “showin’ how funky” it can be in its response to the viral #PoliceLipSyncChallenge making its rounds on social media this summer.

Several members of the department, including Chief Harold Minch, and local residents joined together in a tribute to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”

Patrolman Aaron Madden, who took the lead in the video, said in an Aug. 4 Facebook post, “This is one of those times in my life I’m very proud of something we accomplished. And when I say ‘We’…, I mean the community of Titusville. This was a community effort and this is our communities (sic) video.”

The response the department has received has been positive. On Facebook, some of the many comments on the video include: “Omg!!! IT TURNED OUT AMAZING!!!!! GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!!!!!!”, “this is the best by far!”, and “loving this all the way in florida- well done TPD!”

The video was released at noon today on the police department’s Facebook page.

With the video’s release, we’re left wondering “who’s next?”