Things that go ‘bump’ in the night


A doe is caught on camera

A recent purchase of two game – or trail – cameras has lead to some photos of wildlife not often viewed when one has two dogs and two goats for walking companions.


A fox is captured on camera

The cameras have so far captured wildlife such as deer, a fox and a squirrel and non-wildlife such as two dogs and two goats.


A gray squirrel

With time stamps and night vision, the cameras have provided the insight that most wild critters prefer to use the trails nocturnally when the diurnal walkers are snug in their beds or sheds.


Kyle takes a goat selfie as he trips the game camera.

In the meantime, goats Kyle and Kennedy have a great curiosity about the cameras along the trail and have had quite a few goat “selfies” taken.


The outline of a deer can be seen a little too close to the camera.

It also seems that the deer have the same fascination with the devices. Largely white photos with a few whiskers defined mean that something was way too close to the camera when it took the photo.

The cameras aren’t perfect – nighttime photos are fuzzy and wildlife has white eyes that look like they’ve been possessed.

However, the cameras do provide an extra set of “eyes” on the trail to see wildlife that may not have otherwise been viewed.
(A Walk in the Woods contains photos from newsroom staffer Anna Applegate’s daily jaunts around her neck of the woods. Tagging along on the treks are dogs, Buford and Sherman, and goats, Kyle and Kennedy. Applegate manages the Good Times and can be emailed at