Summer’s Last Fling

With summer drawing to its inevitable end (and school starting Aug. 28), many people, including myself, are making an effort to experience this season’s last moments. The photographs below are a collection of endeavors that I’ve indulged in to make the most of the remaining time.

Beyond the Captivating Coast and Celestial Sunrise

Waking up early, especially on a summer day, isn’t always appealing, but seeing a gorgeous sunrise is. This shot of the sea proves that an early rise is worth the time.

Chocolaty Confections of Cultivated Beauty

Going out for ice cream, chocolate-covered strawberries (pictured above), or another delectable dessert is a great way to spend summer’s remnants.

Euphoric Encounters by the Bay

Travelling with loved ones is always a great choice when it comes to occupying yourself. Why not devote some time to family, friends, and other significant people in your life during summer’s last moments? This photo features Dylan Lu, a dear friend of mine who helped me enjoy this fleeting season.

Lustrous Lights Illuminating Devotees

Concerts are a go-to summer trip for avid music fans, including myself. The mass amount of people that attended Panic! At The Disco’s concert in Pittsburgh was truly a sight to see.

The Turning Tides of Aspiration

The calming crash of waves against the ocean shore lures many visitors to the coast in hopes of tranquility. Something as simple as admiring the ocean can be a great summer activity.

Soaring Cities and Silhouettes

Cities are an appealing travel destination for many, especially for those who live in the country. The towering buildings offer a variety of beautiful views and shopping locations.

The Light that Leads Us Home

As people say, home is where the heart is. Summer allows the seabound folks to experience one of the things they adore the most.

A Moment of Amusement Witnessed by the World

Everyone has their preference when it comes to summer activities, and I believe that this photo shows it. Whether you enjoy swimming, sunbathing, taking a walk, or something else, there’s always a way you can make the remains of summer enjoyable.


Hannah Niederriter is a 9th-grade student at Cranberry High School and a member of the school’s journalism/publications group.