Student Trustee Sworn In

Tree Zuzzio is sworn in

The Clarion Call report
Clarion University

On Tuesday, Aug. 28 Tree Zuzzio was sworn in by the Clarion County judge as student trustee. Zuzzio was appointed by Gov. Tom Wolf to serve as the student trustee until his term is up in May 2020 following his graduation.

The Council of Trustees has duties such as making recommendations, evaluating, reviewing, approving and participating in planning efforts for personnel, fiscal affairs, academic policy, strategic planning, student affairs and facilities management. The student trustee is responsible for representing the student body in the making of the decisions being made by the council. The student trustee is a full voting member of the council and serves on the council’s student life committee where student insight is expressed.

The governor appoints all trustees, including the student trustee. To become a student trustee there is lengthy process. The first step taken is a written application, the applications are then sorted out and the selected candidates are interviewed in front of a board, which is made up of several people in various roles throughout the university and community. Following that, the name chosen is then sent to the director of PASSHE, followed by the board of governors and finally to the governor himself. The final step is being sworn in by the county judge. Zuzzio successfully completed all the requirements, which qualified him to have the title of the student trustee for Clarion University.

Tree Zuzzio, the son of Charlie Zuzzio of Seattle, Wash., and Dorothyrose Layton of Camp Hill, Pa., is a junior majoring in business management and political science from Camp Hill. He is an active member in the honors program at Clarion University. He serves on Clarion University’s Student Senate as an adviser, is a member of the Campus Safety Committee and Student Relations Committee while also serving on the Student Affairs Advisory Board. Zuzzio is active in the theater department and has participated in serval shows along with assisting with additional shows put on by Clarion University. Zuzzio received the Silver Fox Comedy Scholarship in 2017. He also was the recipient of the Board of Governors Scholarship. In addition to school related activities he enjoys hiking and doing things in the outdoors.

Zuzzio decided to enter the process of being student trustee after working closely with the former student trustee with relation to student senate. Zuzzio feels that the student representative should be accurate and focused on seeing the institution grow in a positive direction. With being student trustee Zuzzio, during his term, wants to see a change in the financial situation that students find themselves in with making the decision to attend college. An idea of his to better improve the situation is to create a resource library for common textbooks to eliminate the financial strain of buying expensive textbooks, which are a requirement of many classes.

The ideal goal is to better the lives of the those in the community and the students that attend the university. Zuzzio looks forward to working with the student body and working to improve student life and the university in a positive way.