School is Back in Session

Sunlit Sayonaras

By Hannah Niederriter

The first day of school may be dreaded or happily anticipated, but the ride home is almost always bittersweet. At least there are 179 days to go.

Paper Vessels on an Educational Journey

By Amber Holt

Although reading may remain prominent in all forms of education, back-to-school time offers the opportunity to engage in an activity that many lose amidst summer plans. As suggested in the photo, there are many resources for any student who is apt to reading for pleasure.

Through the Red Hued Halls

By Hannah Niederriter

Anyone knows that hallways and locker bays can be too crowded, but they are actually quite peaceful and aesthetically pleasing when empty.

The Surreal Beauty of a Morning’s Wake

By Amber Holt

On most mornings, a return from sleep is like a step into a drowsy cloud and a mental fog. Amid viewing the sky’s own captivating greetings, a groggy school morning can be transformed into a sincere entrancement by looking outside of the school bus windows. As pictured above, one may witness a sight just captured on a journey to the first days of school.

Beyond the Ebony Screens

By Hannah Niederriter

Computers are an essential device to the majority of classes. However, sometimes it is important to look beyond what they have to offer and think for yourself.

A Walk With Peers

By Amber Holt

Entering the building on the first day of school is as nerve racking and exciting as ever. Whether one’s anticipating the beginning or the end of the year, students can let their minds be open to the chances and opportunities that their education will allow them.

Hannah Niederriter and Amber Holt are 9th-grade students at Cranberry High School and members of the school’s journalism/publications group.