Rouseville Borough getting funds for water treatment plant work

From staff reports

Rouseville Borough is receiving nearly $1.5 million to rehabilitate and upgrade the borough’s existing water treatment plant, water sources, storage and distribution system.

The $882,000 loan and $590,000 grant for Rouseville is part of a nationwide $462 million investment by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to modernize drinking water and wastewater infrastructure across rural America.

Rouseville’s funds will also be used for several valve replacements and electrical upgrades. The project will also fund the replacement of the security fencing and the installation a new generator as required by the state Department of Environmental Protection for well pumps elevated above flood levels.

The remaining funds will be used for several upgrades to the plant that include new meters, block replacement on the same foundation, lab and equipment.

The water storage tank will be sandblasted and painted along with a new generator installation that is required by the DEP.

The distribution system will provide new residential water meter replacement and replacement of water lines within the borough.

Three other entities in Pennsylvania are receiving the USDA funding. They are the Redstone Township Sewer Authority, Brockway Borough Municipal Authority and Central Wayne Regional Authority.