Protection of the Pupils

Student contributors

With school back around the corner, new advancements are being implemented to ensure the Cranberry Area School District’s security. As mentioned by Robert Anthony, the head of the mathematics department, “We have to take the precautions to keep students safe.” Due to the constant evolution of society, new threats are emerging for schools across the globe. Thus, this has prompted the administration at Cranberry to take action.

Photo by Maddy Bunyak

In an attempt to combat any potentially imminent problems, several new upgrades have been introduced to the elementary and high schools as precautionary measures. One noticeable addition as of 2018 is the employment of on-site police officers. Their schedule typically consists of patrolling school grounds, monitoring vehicle entry and departure, observing surveillance footage, as well as handling juvenile crimes.

Moreover, further improvements also encompass an improved lock system, enhanced camera quality, and photo ID visitor passes. Of these upgrades, the locking mechanisms were particularly favored. Likewise, Shannan Sturdevant, a French instructor, and Jason Kosmiski, a teacher positioned in the English department, had positive remarks regarding the new security. Both faculty members approve of the new locks’ simplicity and convenience. However, in regards to the new installments, it’s effortless to turn the knob and now easy to identify if the door is properly sealed thanks to a red signal.

Photo by Maddy Bunyak

Similarly, the lives of the students at CHS have also been altered by the recent security upgrades. A relevant example is Olivia Plummer, a freshman, who stated, “I felt safe before, but I feel even safer now.”

Amid new improvements, the district is always looking for new ways to strengthen safety at Cranberry. Principal Richard Smith discusses the implementation of upcoming upgrades, including mentions of durable window screens, renewed auditorium doors, and other enhanced entryway security. The considerably sized areas on campus are also another concern for the protection of the staff and students. Large meeting places for school-wide events are the most vulnerable in times of emergency, so future precautions will be made as necessary.

For both students and staff alike at Cranberry High School, these new safety adjustments are prominent aspects in the classroom environment. From the addition of police officers to planned safety additions, a lot has changed and will continue to change in the near future. At the end of the day, CHS is “doing everything possible to keep our kids and staff safe,” Smith said.

Hannah Niederriter, Amber Holt and Maddy Bunyak are students at Cranberry High School and members of the school’s journalism/publications group.