Police respond to man in distress

From staff reports

Oil City police said they investigated an incident on Friday night in which an 18-year-old Oil City man informed officers that he needed to be arrested after almost shooting a friend.

Police responded to a call around 11:40 p.m. of a man walking downhill on Oak Grove Street wearing pajamas and appearing to wipe blood from his mouth.

Police said the man informed officers that he had pulled a gun on a friend and almost shot him while in a fit of rage.

According to police, he told them that he then took his parents car and wrecked it in the woods near their home.

Police said they learned the gun involved was a pellet gun, and that the man suffered from autism and other mental health issues.

Police said officers handcuffed the man for transportation back to the home, where they observed the vehicle with heavy damage to the rear end.

Police said the man was released to his parents, and Venango County Mental Health was contacted and responded to the scene.