Poison Prevention Awareness

Penn State Master Gardeners of Venango County would like to make everyone aware of the importance of preventing poisoning in our homes and community. We are partnered with the Pesticide Education Program through Penn State Extension, delivering education virtually this year to first-grade students across the Commonwealth.

Every year, poison control centers receive millions of calls from people seeking medical help for poisoning. Poisons are substances that, in high enough quantity, can cause illness, injury or death when ingested, inhaled, injected or otherwise taken into the body. Poisoning is the leading cause of unintentional death. The most frequent cause of poisoning is drug overdoses; other causes include inadvertent drug or chemical ingestion and exposure to environmental substances.

To raise awareness about ways to prevent unintentional poisonings, the American Association of Poison Control Centers have numerous activities on their Facebook page and website www.poison.org.


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