Point of view

A farm in Fertigs is seen at a distance.

Whether or not folks like snow depends on their point of view.

A new fallen fluffy snow that outlines bare tree branches and coats what was once dead and decaying brush can be just beautiful in the morning light.


The morning sun shines through snow-covered trees.

However, that same snowfall on area roadways is not so pretty.

Taken from approximately a mile away, a photo of a farm in Fertigs looks like a scene from a Christmas card.


A blue sky is seen behind some trees.


Trees and blue sky are reflected in a small creek.

Meanwhile, the snowfall drove some birds to visit the feeder. Spotted were many, many juncos in addition to mourning doves, tree sparrows and more.


A mourning dove perches in a hemlock tree.


A tree sparrow hangs onto a hemlock tree branch.


A Pinegrove Township pond is covered with snow and ice.

Meanwhile, the chances of a white Christmas appear to be dwindling. But it is still too early to tell. Temperatures were on the upward trend for the beginning of this week. Forecasts showed some cooler weather for this weekend with highs still above freezing. There was rain and/or snow showers possible for Friday and Saturday. Only time will tell whether snow lovers or nonsnow lovers will be happy with the weather on Christmas day.

(A Walk in the Woods contains photos from newsroom staffer Anna Applegate’s daily jaunts around her neck of the woods. Tagging along on the treks are dogs, Buford, Sherman and Sadie, and goats, Kyle and Kennedy. Applegate manages the Good Times and can be emailed at bigdogs.thederrick@gmail.com.)