Pittsburgh bald eagles lay first egg of 2019

A pair of bald eagles nesting in Pittsburgh's Hays neighborhood laid their first egg of the season Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019. (Video capture from Audubon Society website)

PITTSBURGH (AP) — Pittsburgh’s pair of bald eagles now have their first egg of the year.

The Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania says the egg was spotted via a live webcam at the nest around 6:45 p.m. Tuesday.

Both Hays eagles will now take turns incubating the egg until it hatches, which typically takes 35 days.

The birds are the first pair of bald eagles to nest in city limits in more than 150 years.

The birds have built four different nests near the Monongahela River since 2013 and produced eight eaglets.

Livestream video of the eagles’ nest is available online at the Audubon Society website.