PetFest returns to Franklin

News editor

Franklin’s Bandstand Park looked more like an animal sanctuary rather than a public park on Saturday, as Precious Paws Animal Rescue’s PetFest made its return after a one-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many attendees brought their pets and exchanged stories with each other about their fur-bearing family members. Terry Sullivan, better known as “Jungle Terry,” mesmerized and educated attendees, especially the children, with unique stories and information about the exotic animals he brought along.

Sullivan, of Ashtabula, Ohio, brought a chinchilla, native to South America; a silkie chicken, native to Asia; a tree frog from Australia; a brown, double-striped North American skunk; a dove and a pigeon; an African tortoise; and a corn snake, milk snake, and Burmese python. Children had opportunities to interact with each.

Activities included dog games, an agility course, pet fashion show, and pet painting. Many dogs and cats from Precious Paws in need of homes were on hand, as well as various vendors.

More than 2,000 people attended and just over $8,000, not including prefestival donations, was raised for Precious Paws, according to the nonprofit’s president, Theresa Weldon.