Pet of the Day 5/15/20

‘allo, I am Kimba. I am desolated to not be able to assist you, Monsieur or Madame, at this time, but I am at present being kept in a – what is the word – “shelter,” until such time as a kind person – such as, perhaps, yourself? – chooses me as your own in-house detective, where I will, I assure you, get to the bottom of each and every mystery within its four walls. I ask only, my dear friends, that I not be expected to share the premises with any creatures of the canine persuasion; I trust you understand. I have to first build trust and then I’ll be your maximum ami. Ready to take the dive into my world? Contact the Venango County Humane Society from noon to 5 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays by calling (814) 677-4040.