Opportunities to observe

Photo taken by Ed Atts

Photo taken by Ed Atts


Photo taken by Ed Atts

Ed Atts of the Utica area shared these three wildlife photos out of the 1,500 photos he saved from last year.

He is a retired teacher who is out taking photos about five days a week. Atts said that from Presque Isle to Lake Arthur and from the Ohio line to Elk County there are a multitude of places where great wildlife observations can be made.

Lake Wilhelm has wonderful opportunities to observe nesting ospreys and eagles, Presque Isle has great opportunities to observe all forms of wildlife year round, and the large migration of sandhill cranes and great egrets that pass through western Pennsylvania in the spring and fall, Atts added.

“I am now spending most of my retirement time on such activities and am amazed at how many people that I talk to are not aware of the opportunities that exist here in western Pennsylvania,” he said.

A Walk in the Woods thanks Atts for sharing these wonderful photos.