Oil City’s 2019 Jolly July 3rd Celebration

By AMBER HOLT – Student Contributor

On the night of July 3rd, Oil City held their annual Independence Day celebration. Bands played cheerful music while vendors sold food and souvenirs in Justice Park. Crowds of people could be found waiting throughout the park and across town in preparation for the 10 p.m. fireworks.

As the day morphed into night, locals celebrating within their own gatherings could be seen setting off their sets of fireworks. With each small bang, the excitement and anticipation seemed to grow more and more for the show that each attendee intended to see.

As soon as a bang louder than all previous ones went off, everyone’s attention was drawn to the beautiful explosions lighting up the night. With all colors, and shapes, it truly was a sight to behold. Such luminescent displays were absolutely breathtaking to new and old goers alike. 

Once the final bang went off, smoke filled Oil City like a settling fog. Although the aftermath was quite foggy, crowds of people still joined together in joyous clapping and smiles.


Amber Holt is a student at Cranberry High School and a member of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications group.