OC police vehicles will feature autism stickers

Staff writer

Earlier this year, Brandy Hinojosa spoke with Oil City Police Chief Bob Wenner about the possibility of placing autism awareness stickers on Oil City police vehicles.

“After the autism (awareness walk in April), the idea came from Brandy and other parents,” Wenner said.

The stickers will be placed on both rear doors of each police vehicle, although the position may change if police feel it would be more visible somewhere else, Wenner said.

“We won’t overthink it,” Wenner said. “We picked two different types of designs for each side of the car and for uniformity.”

The stickers themselves will feature a puzzle piece, “which is synonymous with autism,” Wenner said.

Hinojosa said to her knowledge no other police department in the country is doing anything like this.

“It’s a big thing and it’s our police department showing support for autism in a way nobody else has,” Hinojosa said. “Out of all the places, our small town is the one doing it. I think it’s awesome, I really do,” Hinojosa added.

“Hopefully, we can raise awareness,” Wenner said.

“It’s a pleasure working with the parent group of Autism Stands, and it’s great to be working with the community to raise awareness,” Wenner said.

The stickers are expected to be delivered within the next week and a half and will be visible on all marked Oil City police vehicles, Wenner said.