OC Council OKs one request, denies another

Two requests to use city properties got different answers from Oil City Council at a meeting Thursday.

In the first request, Moons Lawn and Landscaping of Cooperstown had asked to dump materials at the city-owned collection site at the former Splane Airport near Dempseytown.

City manager Mark Schroyer warned that approving the request could “open it up to every landscaper in the area.”

“And, it’s using a public facility and turning it into a commercial business. It’s a bad idea,” said Schroyer.

Council unanimously turned down the request.

The second request came from the Performing Arts Academy with Darin (Paden). The dance studio was granted permission to stage a performance on a Saturday in June.

Bond paid off

Schroyer informed council that the $380,000 balance of a bond taken out years ago to pay for the municipal parking garage was paid off Tuesday. The debt was paid off eight years in advance.

“It means a $90,000 savings for the taxpayers,” said Schroyer, referring to the interest rate that would have been charged for the duration of the loan.

In other business, Schroyer told council the city has purchased a sewer vactor truck, a machine that unclogs sewers and catch basins. The cost, with a trade-in of a similar piece of equipment, was $349,000.

“It is a major purchase for the city and we are paying cash for it,” he said.

Council member Mike Walentosky was appointed as the city’s representative on the Oil City Arts Council.