No quorum for authority, but updates given on projects

Two members of the Franklin General Authority heard updates on several projects at the panel’s monthly meeting Tuesday, but since a quorum wasn’t present the authority couldn’t ratify any new projects or financial reports.

The panel now must hold a special meeting to be advertised at a later date.

Despite lacking the ability to vote on items, chairman Tim Dunkle and vice chairman Caleb Williams conducted a meeting and heard reports from the assembled engineers and staff members.

City engineer Al Wodzianski said work at the Barrett Flats water treatment facility is mostly complete and the facility will be operational as soon as the new chlorine contact tank being constructed offsite by Witherup Fabrication and Erection Inc. of Kennerdell is finished.

Wodzianski said he anticipates the tank to be installed and operational by the end of November.

The Barrett Flats location has been out of service since August after crews discovered the underground chlorine contact tank, a piece of equipment that infuses water with chlorine to ensure it is clean for consumption, wasn’t functioning up to current standards.

The Barrett Flats location has traditionally only been used to supplement the city’s water supply in winter and during times the wells at the 9th Street water treatment facility experience issues.

Kurt McFadden, the city’s public utilities director, said the 9th Street facility is “chugging right along.”

“It’s averaging 2 million gallons a day … we’re still keeping a real close eye on it,” McFadden said.