No county jobs lost in reorganizations

Venango County commissioners clarified Friday that no jobs were lost when the county reorganized multiple departments, leading to the elimination of several positions.

Commissioner Mike Dulaney said that over the last few months the county has eliminated between a dozen and two dozen unfilled positions.

The latest departments to undergo reorganization were Venango Regional Airport and the clerical department of human resources, leading to a reduction of one position at the airport and two in the clerical department.

“There are positions that are not filled, sometimes for a long time, but they are still on the budget,” commissioners chairman Sam Breene said.

Eliminating unfilled positions was designed to trim the county budget, the commissioners said.

“If a position has been open six months or a year and the department asks for a new position to be created or for someone to be given a raise we ask them to take away the empty position if the department has been running well without it,” Breene said.

“It’s a way of keeping our departments accountable,” Dulaney said.

Breene said commissioners approve all new hires and can approve the creation of new positions as they are needed.