Many uses for leftover Halloween candy

Halloween is certainly known for the spooky decorations that adorn homes and for the creative costumes children put on to canvas the neighborhood. But for many youngsters, Halloween is all about the candy.

In just a few hours, trick-or-treaters can accumulate a substantial amount of assorted chocolates, confections and other sweet treats. Once everyone has had their fill of their favorite items, candy often gets relegated to a giant bowl on the kitchen table, where it beckons each resident who passes by.

Rather than submitting to the call of the candy and sacrificing your dental health as a result, enterprising individuals can repurpose that leftover Halloween candy.


Parents can store extra candy to use as rewards for good behavior. Many parents use sweet treats as rewards for children learning to potty train. Rewarding older children for a job well done cleaning up their rooms or as a special treat for scoring a good grade on a test also can be a way to put the candy to good use.

Gingerbread houses

Christmas is just two months after Halloween. Put candy into sealable baggies and use it come the holiday season when building gingerbread houses. You will have a variety of different candies from which to choose and won’t have to purchase anything new in order to decorate your creations.

Advent calendars

Halloween candy can be saved to make an Advent calendar. This calendar traditionally counts down to Christmas, revealing a date and a sweet treat behind each door. Instead of purchasing a ready made Advent calendar, families can get together and make one for a family craft as a way to recycle Halloween candy.

Goody bags

Candy is a crowd-pleaser, and leftover candy can be used in goody bags doled out at birthday parties. Keep the candy well-sealed to store away until it is needed to fill goodie bags. Add a few trinkets that tie in with the theme of your party, and you’re all set.

On a similar note, leftover candy can be used to stuff a pinata for a party. Pinatas are available in many different themes and styles, making any occasion ripe for a pinata.


Cookies, brownies and cake bars taste even better with peanut butter cups, chips and chocolate candies baked inside. Some candy can be frozen for later use in baked goods. Baked goods can be enjoyed by the family or used for bake sales for schools and other organizations.


Hospitals, doctors’ offices and nursing homes may appreciate donations of candy for staff and visitors. You can visit different places to see if they would appreciate a candy donation.

Adult beverages

Hard candies can be used to add some flavor to adult beverages. Let the candy sit in the alcohol for a few hours and the candy will dissolve. Use a coffee filter to strain out any candy remnants.

There are many different ways to put Halloween candy to use so it doesn’t go to waste or end up ruining teeth and waistlines.

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