Man held in UPMC incident; faces charges in jail altercation

A Honesdale man accused of assaulting staff members at UPMC Northwest was held for court Wednesday in Venango County Central Court.

Justin Lagarenne, 31, is also scheduled for a Central Court hearing next week in connection with incidents at the Venango County jail after he had been arrested in the UPMC Northwest case.

Lagarenne was held for court Wednesday on all six felony charges of aggravated assault in connection with the hospital incident Saturday. He is accused of pushing and shoving a female employee, striking another employee in the face and delivering several blows to the head and back of a male employee, Franklin state police have said.

The charges against Lagarenne in the UPMC Northwest incident were incorrectly reported in Wednesday’s newspaper.

Lagarenne is facing two counts each of aggravated assault and simple assault in connection with an incident later Saturday at the Venango County jail in which he is accused of assaulting two state police troopers.

Franklin state police said in a criminal complaint that troopers arrived at the jail with Lagarenne, and Lagarenne was seated on a prisoner bench in the booking/receiving area after officers removed his handcuffs and shackles.

While the troopers were filling out paperwork at the booking/receiving desk, Lagarenne stood up, clenched his fists, charged the troopers and swung at them in a “haymaker” fashion about four to seven times, the complaint said.

Police said Lagarenne was taken to the floor by the troopers with the assistance of several jail corrections officers, at which time pepper spray was deployed that contaminated the troopers, the complaint said.

Troopers were initially treated in the jail medical office but later went to the UPMC Northwest emergency room, police said.

Police said no troopers involved in the incident reported injury aside from the pepper spray contamination.