Man arrested after incident at hospital; 2 officers hurt

A Harrisville man is facing felony charges for physically attacking and threatening officers Monday in the emergency department of UPMC Northwest.

UPMC police said they were monitoring Tyler Vincent Trapano, 25, after he’d been asked several times to calm down. Trapano then threw a chair at the glass window of the room and yelled expletives at a UPMC officer, police said.

The officer said he went into the room with other UPMC staff to subdue Trapano, who then grabbed the officer around the neck and punched him in the face, police said. Trapano followed the officer to the floor and continued his attack, police said.

Police said that after the officer was able to gain control of Trapano for a brief period of time utilizing his taser, Trapano said he would grab the officer’s gun and “shoot all of you.”

The officer and other staff members backed out of the room while Trapano continued to shout obscenities and punch the wall, police said.

A short time later, police said another UPMC officer returned to Trapano’s room to take him into custody. Trapano asked the original officer if he remembered what had happened because “that’s what’s gonna happen again,” police said.

With the assistance of another officer, the three once again tried to enter Trapano’s room, but he kicked the door back at the officers, police said.

Police said the original officer deployed his pepper spray and another altercation with Trapano ensued. During the scuffle, police said Trapano was able to reach the original officer’s gun holster and removed the safety hood keeping the gun in place.

Police said Trapano was successfully taken into custody before removing the firearm from its holster.

Two officers were injured in the attack, police said. They were treated at the emergency department and later released.

Trapano was charged with three felony counts of aggravated assault-attempts to cause or causes serious bodily injury to designated individuals, a felony count of disarming law enforcement officer-without lawful authorization, misdemeanor counts of simple assault, disorderly conduct-hazardous/physical offense, disorderly conduct-engage in fighting, terroristic threats and resisting arrest and a summary count of disorderly conduct-unreasonable noise.

He was arraigned Monday and remains lodged in the Venango County jail with bail denied.

Trapano’s preliminary hearing is scheduled Wednesday in Venango County District Court.