Live Streaming: Stressful but Rewarding

Joe Gunn, a junior at Cranberry High School,, runs the live feed during a volleyball game. (By Natalie Sandrock/Student Contributor)

Student contributor

Although fun and interesting, Journalism can also be stressful. One of the many things that we do in Journalism that is all of these is live streaming. From the set-up, to the people behind the cameras, it’s an intricate process.

In the words of Alex Best, a journalism student who helped in our first live stream, ¨Live streaming can be very nerve-wracking when you haven’t had the experience. Going in your first time is quite stressful, but being the voice behind the camera is an amazing experience and it brings me joy every time I broadcast.¨ Other students who have also helped with live streaming can attest to this statement.

Our first live stream was on October 16th, a cancer awareness volleyball game in memory of Jeff Kahle. As it was our first live stream of the year, it took some time to learn our way around the equipment.

As Sara Uddin puts it, “Live streaming really made me appreciate sleep. It opened my eyes up to a whole other level of stress. But, I have always loved entertaining people, and live streaming has broadened that opportunity. I am so thankful to be part of our amazing live streaming crew.”

Natalie Sandrock, Lauren Rembold, Jenna Seigworth run the on-floor camera at Cranberry High School. (By Natalie Sandrock/Student Contributor)

The second live stream event was for the Veterans Day assembly on November 9th.  The set-up included three different cameras capturing the event from different angles. For this live stream, Sara Uddin was the live stream producer and coordinator. She was in charge of watching the monitors and making sure that the stream was running smoothly.

In charge of manning the cameras, we had Natalie Sandrock and Darian Senn. We also had many interviewers including Hannah Nederriter, Amber Holt, Lauren Rembold, and Rachel McCauley. Some of these interviews were live and others were written.

Live streaming can teach you a lot about responsibility and how to pay attention to details.

As student Lindsay Perry said, ¨Personally, I learned a lot about how aware you have to be of your surroundings all the time, especially if there are kids around expensive equipment.”

Although live streaming can be stressful and a great amount of responsibility for students, it’s agreed that it is fun to execute and an amazing experience.

As noted by journalism teacher Trisha Dixon, “Overall, both live streams allowed students to apply what they had learned in the class as well as taught them a great deal about patience. The initial event was hectic because it was the first time setting up the equipment, and the second event required students to troubleshoot several problems. I feel as though students were very successful, and I couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments.”

Upcoming live stream events include:

May 3 – Promenade

May 15 – Spring Choir Concert

May 20 – Spring Band Concert

May 22 – Senior Awards

June 2 – Baccalaureate

June 4 – Senior Graduation


Natalie Sandrock is a student at Cranberry High School and a member of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications group.