Life is uncertain; Enjoy the moment

There is peace in uncertainty. New adventures, experiences, ideas or hope is often found in an uncertain outcome, in a decision based on the unknown. Uncertainty is defined as the unbinding feeling or state that involves imperfect or unknown information. Life is all about uncertainty. Only so many decisions or actions made in our daily lives, for our future, is predictable and reliable. The only thing in life that I believe is certain, inevitably certain, is our death. Not to be morbid or anything.

Let’s talk about the future. Looking ahead, I should be terrified. I should be hiding in my room, crying under my blanket grasping the five dollars and some odd change that I have to my name. I should be begging and praying that I not only win the lottery, but find the map to life that will tell me who I’ll marry, what job I will get out of college, if I will recover from my health issues, and heck, what will I wear today if I get the courage to show my face in public.

certaintyuncertaintyBeing a senior in college should have me panicking, I should be freaking out that I only have two – maybe three, seeing as I am trying to double major – semesters left until not only the loan repayments kick in, but so does reality. I honestly thought that by my senior year in college I would not only have less hair, but that I would be ready to graduate and enter the big girl world: but I am not.

And I am OK with this. I look at my life right now and realize that I have too much on my plate, too much to worry about regarding school, work and my internship. I absolutely love where I stand: how can I worry about the future?

I recently conducted an interview with a professor who, from classroom stories and from looking at the décor of his office, has achieved many great things in his life. After hearing about his own personal story about traveling abroad, and telling him then about my own, I realized that we as humans, live a freaking long life, a life that could literally take us anywhere in the world. He even asked me what my future plans were, to which I calmly told him that I didn’t know, but that I was a peace with that knowledge.

All in all: We can only spend so much time and money in trying to prepare for the future and trying to influence the actions of others so that we see or get the outcome that we want. Our future, our destiny if you will, is ever-changing. I do not believe that there is a specific outcome or fate that we are all subject to, that each and every decision that we make influences and changes what happens or where we end up in the future. So why be so worried about it?

Yes, I live for today. I am not saying that I don’t worry about the future at all, because that would be a lie. I do worry, I worry a lot actually, about what will happen to me, if all the work I am doing now will pay off, if I am chasing the right person and letting go of the wrong one. However, there is a difference between worrying and being uneasy about the future, as there is worrying while being at peace with the outcome of the future. So, I challenge you to this: stop worrying about the future for a minute. How are to you enjoy your life, where you are now, if you can’t stop thinking about the future and where you are going to be in the next few months. I am not saying completely forget about it, because you should prepare for the things that are certain in life, such as bills and homework due dates. But don’t get so caught up in the future that you forget about the beauties and adventures that you are living in today.