Land of Laughter makeover

Pete Burgdorfer, of Cooperstown, brought his grandchildren to Oil City Thursday and checked out the Lincoln Land of Laughter playground. Burgdorfer said he used to live in the neighborhood. His grandchildren, Ella, 12, Lillie, 8 and Everett Bodien, 6, of Franklin, checked out the new playground equipment. (By Richard Sayer)
From staff reports

The $90,000 makeover of the Land of Laughter playground on Harriott Avenue in Oil City has reached one of its milestones.

New equipment has been installed, the landscaping around the equipment has been finished, and the city has re-opened the facility so families can again enjoy the park.

The redesign allows for three separate play areas, each with a surface covered by carpet-fiber layers and each featuring a unique piece of playground equipment.

Included in the setup are kids’ rides on a plastic dinosaur and whale, each mounted atop heavy spring columns, sliding boards, a climbing wall, swings, benches and more.

The playground is also intended to be fully handicapped-accessible.

Howard Faunce, the city’s director of public works, said more funding is being sought to complete the project.

The facility is on the site of the former Lincoln school and was turned into a playground in 1999. The playground hadn’t been upgraded since that time.