Knox Fest Parade Is A Vibrant Tradition

Student contributor

To many people, it’s just another week in August. But, to those living in Knox, it’s time for the 77th annual Horsethief Days.

On Aug. 11-19, families came to see what Clarion County has to offer. From contests and raffles to a parade and fireworks, the packed week of events provided an abundance of opportunities to spend time with one another. Like others, it was my pleasure to be able to witness the fireman’s parade held on Main Street.

Children collect candy during the Horsethief Days parade Aug. 18 in Knox. (Photo by Amber Holt)

My first impression was the experience was like no other. A large American flag spanned above the road; an immense marching band chorused the national anthem; and veterans marched with the traditional colors. In comparison to other experiences, never had I seen anything quite like it.

The festiveness continued with blaring fire trucks, wacky parade floats, gymnastic performances, and a crowd-favorite, Zem Zem racers. There was a highly-anticipated appearance of more than four different Zem Zem shrine organizations, making the display enticing and seamingly never ending.

Area veterans lead the Horsethief Days parade Aug. 18 in Knox. (Photo by Amber Holt)

Whether or not time allowed you to attend the yearly celebration, it would be a worthwhile venture to visit Knox during their Horsethief Days festival in the future. It may be over for this year, but, fortunately, one is always welcome to attend in the years to come.

Amber Holt is a 9th-grade student at Cranberry High School and a member of the school’s journalism/publications group.