Heritage Festival art show winners announced

Heritage Festival art show winners announced

Here is a list of winners from the Oil Heritage Festival art show:

Best in show

Hannah Niederriter – Amidst the Artistry of Autumn

People’s choice awards

Tim Smayda – Nice Bloom

Tabitha Gorman – Beautiful Flower

Fiber arts

Adult amateur

First place: Esther Armagost – Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Second place: Sarah Margherio Tree

Adult professional

First place: Brenda Morse – My Heart

Second place: Brenda Morse – Fanfair Star


Honorable mention: Emma Lee – Yarn Art

Graphics & mixed media

Adult amateur

First place: Gabriella Keebler – Paper Girl

Second place: Janice Irwin – Shadow of a Victim

Third place: Emily Irwin – Semester Long Headache in D Minor

Adult professional

First place: Margaret Brostrom – We the Other

Second place: Kim Keller – The Fisherman

Third place: Arnita Force – Immaculate Embrace

Young adult

First place: Hailey Irwin – Still Alive at 60 BPM

Second place: Hannah Niederriter – The Turmoil of Time’s Immortality


First place: Emma Lee – Purple Press

Honorable mention: Emma Lee – Blue Eyes

Honorable mention: Sebastian Simon – Demolition Derby

Oils & acrylics

Adult amateur

First place: Christian Agnew – Bluejay’s Delight

Second place: Janice Irwin – Murcielago

Third place: Joseph Keebler Jr. – Portrait of a Person

Adult professional

First place: Adam Howard – Empowerment

Second place: Rachel Wheeler – Rook

Third place: Rachel Wheeler – Three’s a Crowd

Young adult

First place: Hannah Niederriter – Amidst the Artistry of Autumn

Second place: Julia Ghering – Happy Little Trees


First place: Joshua Ghering – Alone at Sea

Honorable mention: Joshua Ghering – Twin Island

Honorable mention: Jordan Heckathorn – Stars of America


Adult amateur

First place: Gabriella Keebler – Self Portrait

Second place: John Sims – Vase #1

Third place: Marie Novotny – Gilbert the Goldfish

Adult professional

First place: Dan L’Huillier – Figure in Oak

Second place: Lynn Radford – Cigar Girl

Third place: Linda Lineman – Porcelain from Flannel

Honorable mention: Judy Slater – Designs in White

Young Adult

First place: Hailey Irwin – Coming Clean


First place: Keontae Campbell – Tiki God of Sea & War

Second place: Keontae Campbell – Bowl of Misery

Third place: Jordan Heckathorn – Under the Clay Sea

Watercolor & pastels

Adult professional

First place: Sue Padalino – Brooklyn Bridge After July 4

Second place: Debra Lee – A Canadian Gull

Third place: Judy Slater – The Storyteller

Young Adult

First place: Maddie Wagner – Where Will It Take You

Second place: Hannah Niederriter – Euphoria

Third place: Hailey Irwin – 2000 Light Years Away


Honorable mention: Ashlyn Alderette – Donuts


Adult amateur

First place: Robert McKay – Tangled Memories

Second place: Jessica Wilson – Rain-Bubble

Third place: Diana Lea Staab – How Quaint

Honorable mention: Dana Shuffstall – Sunset Beckoning

Adult professional

First place: Mary K. Mullen – First Light

Second place: Rick Clark – Vintage Tulip

Third place: Kyle Yates -Autographed Ed Cole B-24

Young adult

First place: Amber Holt – Faithful Feline

Second place: Lizzy Hoovler – Reflective Beauty

Third place: Johnathan Pardee – Painted Sky


First place: Abigail Brainard – Fawn in Field

Second place: Addison Brainard – City Church