Hasson acquires new phys. ed. technology

(Photo by Richard Sayer)

Hasson Heights Elementary School has acquired enough interactive video stations to accommodate entire physical education classes in order to maximize each student’s activity without waiting in line.

Teacher Bryan Schwab says these technological advancements engage all students, not just the athletic ones, and he says these are important tools in the war on childhood obesity.

Hasson fourth-grader Lily McGonigal is pictured in the top photo using one of the Jackie Chan workout stations.

Raiden Howard is pictured in the bottom photo at one of the stations.

Schwab says he has noticed a change in attitude among the students.

“If I ask them to go run a mile they complain, but they stay excited exerting the same amount of energy with the video equipment,” he said.

The equipment now includes four Playstation 2 machines that can run Dance Dance Revolution at one time. There are also six Xavix systems that have a variety of interactive-style games, and students rotate every three minutes to each of the 10 stations.