Handgun incident in Oil City leads to 2 being charged

An Oil City man is facing charges after being accused of firing a handgun in an alley, after brandishing it at a female juvenile.

Oil City Police were called to the area of 313 Jefferson St. on Thursday morning by a juvenile female victim, according to a criminal complaint.

Jacob Thomas Crose, 20, of Oil City, brandished a handgun at the victim, discharged the firearm and then fled to his nearby residence, the complaint said.

Police went to Crose’s home, according to the complaint, where they encountered Crose’s mother, who allowed them to search the house, according to the complaint. Upon searching, they discovered the handgun and took Crose into custody.

Through the investigation, Mariah Lynn Reagle, 56, was charged with providing the handgun to Crose, according to the complaint.

Reagle purchased the handgun on Aug. 12, then provided it to Crose, who is unable to legally obtain, possess and/or purchase a firearm, according to the complaint.

Crose was charged with a felony count of firearms not to be carried without a license and misdemeanor counts of person not to possess/use firearms and terroristic threats with intent to terrorize another.

Reagle was charged with felony counts of sales to ineligible transferee and materially false written statement, purchase, delivery, or transfer of a firearm and a misdemeanor count of unsworn falsification to authorities.