Getting wet


While things are warming up in the region, it seems the sun may not shine for a few days.

As the temperatures climb so does the chance of rain. Rain showers are in the forecast through Thursday.



While most in the region aren’t necessarily looking forward to wet weather, Sadie, the Newfoundland, doesn’t mind it.

In fact, she loves it.

She took the opportunity of some open water on the neighbor’s pond to take a brisk swim on Sunday morning.

However, she is build for the water and for the cold.

“What the Saint Bernard is to the Alps, the Newfoundland is to the icy waters of the North Atlantic,” said a post about Newfoundlands on the American Kennel Club’s website.

The site also provided a fun fact that when Lewis and Clark began their trek across America in 1802 in their expedition party was a  Newfoundland named Seaman.



Meanwhile, St. Bernard Sherman decided he would rather travel above the water by taking a shortcut across the neighbor’s frozen pond.


The neighborhood deer herd grazes.

The neighborhood deer herd has been grazing quite regularly, sometimes twice a day, in the field next door.



The glut of goldfinches in the hemlock tree continues. The boisterous birds raid area feeders and chirp up a storm.


Buds are starting to appear on the trees


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