General Authority at odds with Sugarcreek over paving project

The Franklin General Authority is disputing more charges that were incurred after an additional section of First Avenue in Sugarcreek Borough was unexpectedly paved.

At Tuesday’s general authority meeting, members unanimously approved paying the $2,645.16 in extra costs. But authority member John Eckel then made a motion to charge Sugarcreek Borough that same amount “for the work that we did for them.”

That motion was unanimously approved by the authority.

Authority chairman Tim Dunkle voiced his displeasure with the incident when it was first brought up at the meeting.

Dunkle said a water line broke two years ago, causing the authority to make an emergency repair to a small portion of First Avenue between Baker and Park streets. That section of the road was repaved curb to curb by the Authority.

Last year, a water line broke in the upper section of First Avenue between Baker and Park streets, Dunkle said. While the general authority fixed the line, Dunkle said Sugarcreek Borough asked for the repaving to be held off so the borough could install stormwater drains.

Dunkle said the authority agreed to hold off and approved about $32,000 to repave a large section of First Avenue between Baker and Park, which did not include the small portion that was repaved two years ago.

Sugarcreek Borough, Dunkle said, told construction crews to start at the section that was repaved two years ago and repave the entirety of First Avenue between Baker and Park.

Dunkle said that small portion only needed to be repaved because Sugarcreek Borough installed stormwater sections.

“I think Mr. Freer of Sugarcreek Borough set us up,” Dunkle said, referring to borough maintenance foreman Doug Freer.

Both Dunkle and Eckel said the borough should be held accountable for the extra costs and not IA Construction or Guyer Brothers, who were contracted for the work by the general authority.

The total cost of the full-width repaving for the block of First Avenue is $34,955.16.