Funding available for youths training for certificate programs

The Keystone Community Education Council recently announced funding is available for out-of-school youths, ages 18 to 24, to participate in training for certificate programs.

According to Keystone Executive Director Lance Hummer, the funding is being made available through the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. Anyone taking advantage of the funding is not required to reimburse the program.

“This is such an incredible opportunity,” Hummer said. “We have businesses that can’t find machinists or welders. We have availability of funds to cover the cost of out-of-school youth to be trained in these programs.”

Training available through the funding includes electronics, facilities maintenance technology, machine technician, mechatronics technology and welding technology.

“For the out-of-school youth that qualify for this, the expenses for training, supplies and materials would all be covered.”

Anyone interested in the training can fill out an application at the Keystone Community Education Council office in the National Transit Building in Oil City.

Anyone ages 18 to 24 could be eligible for funding even if they dropped out of high school, are homeless or have a criminal record, Hummer said.

“We want to concentrate on that age group, because those are the ones that don’t have a skill or they graduate and don’t have a plan,” Hummer said. “This is a way to get them training and jobs that are available to them.”