Franklin students qualify for National Academic Games

(Submitted photo)
From staff reports

Franklin High School senior Sam Burchfield and junior David Ferraro have qualified for the National Academic Games Tournament to be held April 26-29 in Orlando, Florida. The students were two of the eleven players representing Franklin in the On-sets tournament.

On-sets is valuable in teaching spatial relationships. The mathematical content of the game is Set Theory. Players learn to create and describe sets of colored objects using Union, Intersection, Set Difference, Set Complement, the Universe, and the Null Set. The practical applications of this game are relevant to use of the internet. This concept of narrowing down information to get exactly what one wants is highly developed in the game of On-Sets.

Of the eleven players, five students were recognized for their undefeated performances.

Burchfield, Ferraro, and junior Tyler Wood all qualified in the highly competitive senior division.

Freshman player Robbie Moffitt played well and was undefeated in the junior division. Seventh-grader Reston Weismann began his quest for a second trip to the National Tournament with a decisive win over his competitors.

The next game, Linguishtiks, will be played in December at Slippery Rock University. This game focuses on vocabulary and grammar.