Fading into fall

A sunflower at sunset last week.

Summer’s blossoms are slowly fading. The days are growing shorter and the nights are cooler as we head toward the first official day of autumn this week.

While the sunflowers are going to seed, the wild asters and goldenrod continue to color the woodlands. The number of summer birds are dwindling and others are moving through the area headed south. Fewer and fewer butterflies are spotted.

Meanwhile, several hats were purchased from a local retailer’s pet section much to the dismay of several Applegate pets.


Some nasturtiums that got a late start this summer are showing their true colors.



A grasshopper finds refuge under a New England aster bloom.



A slightly worn cabbage white butterfly feeds on some New England aster blossoms.



Several cedar waxwings find their place in the morning sun near a Pinegrove Township pond.



A trumpet vine blossom is seen with the moon in the background.


Crazy Critters



Ernie the cat is ready to take off. And fly away he did … after the hat was removed.



Buford was hounded by the thought of having to wear a hat.



Kennedy the goat thought the hat was a “baaad” idea.


(Anna Applegate is a newsroom staffer at The Derrick and The News-Herald. She manages the Good Times and can be emailed at bigdogs.thederrick@gmail.com)