Dangerous TikTok Trends

Student contributor

TikTok is a social media app that allows users to make dancing videos, lip-syncing videos, point-of-view videos, comedy, etc. The app was originally called “Musically” but was bought out in 2017, changing the name to TikTok. The app has over 800 million users, and 30 million people that actively use the app are located in the United States.

There recently was a trend that surfaced of students slapping their teachers or spiking their drinks. This trend has the student calmly walk up to the teacher and ask, “Is this against school rules?” The student then strikes the teacher in the face. The second half of this trend is putting chemicals in teachers’ drinks. When the teacher is out or not looking, students pour bathroom products or mixed chemicals into the teacher’s drink.

According to www.independent.co.uk, two 10-year-old boys in Warwickshire, England, were arrested for poisoning their teacher with a bathroom chemical concoction that they made the day before. According to reports, she was warned to not drink the coffee by other students. This incident happened the day after a teacher was reportedly stabbed to death in her classroom. Thanks to the students who warned her she escaped without being poisoned.

The legal age for prosecution in England is 10 years old, so police intend on pressing charges. There are still no updates on this case or the charges for the children.

If you hear of this trend happening in your school, contact school authorities. This goes beyond a joke or prank, this causes serious harm or death.


Madelynne Gates is a student at Oil City High School and a member of the school’s Oiler News staff.