Cranberry honors retirees, OKs raise for Vonada

Personnel issues ranging from retiring teachers to a superintendent’s pay hike dominated much of the agenda at the Cranberry school board meeting on Monday.

Seven Cranberry Area School District employees who are retiring were honored by the school board.

They are teachers Margaret Karnish and Deborah Crisman, cafeteria workers Susan Holt and Cynthia Clayton, secretaries Michelle Stiglitz and Carol Wilson and custodian Brenda O’Neil.

Raise approved

The school board unanimously approved a 2.5 percent wage increase for district Superintendent Bill Vonada. The raise puts his annual salary at $120,906. Vonada’s five year contract with the district ends in 2019.

Vonada has served as supertendent since December 2013 when the school board named him acting superintendent to replace Maria Pappas. Before joining the Cranberry district, Vonada served as principal at Franklin High School.

Staff is hired

The school board approved the hiring of several new staff members for the 2018-19 school term.

Colin Milne was named instructional technology specialist, library media specialst and computer programming teacher.

Julianna Crate was hired as earth/biology/general science teacher.

Daniel O’Brien was selected to serve as the technology/business teacher.

Julia Vetter was hired as a teacher substitute for the July 2018 elementary extended school year program.

The school directors also accepted the resignation of cafeteria worker Julia Allman.

Students honored

Special recognition was given at Monday’s meeting to Cranberry students who excelled in academics and athletics during the recent school year. They are:

– Travis Crate – Vo-Tech welding in Skills USA Welding Competition

– Joe Gunn, Michael Gunn, Jenna Seigworth – JA Titans regional champions, state qualifiers

– Matthew McQuaide, River Perry, Logan Peterson, Caleb Wry – Pennsylvania Envirothon, regional champions, state qualifiers

– Trevor Olson – Pennsylvania State Spelling Bee, state qualifier

– Softball – Zoe Albert, Natalie Barcinas, Miranda Beichner, Courtney Blair, Kaylie Bruce, Madison Cornelius, Emily Duncan, Hannah Duncan, Tamaria Flinspach, Megan Hadden, Jenna Huegel, Elaine Kahle, Makayla Kearns, Libby Kiefer, Rachael McCauley, Cassidy Miller, Jillian Plummer, Maija Rembold, Jenna Reynolds, Carly Schreck, Malliah Schreck, Andrea Watson, Makenzie Wenmoth, Andrea Ziegler

– Girls track and field – Gabrielle Allman, Laurel Ecklund, Lauren Varsek, Kaylynne Ziegler

– Swimming – Tifany Berry, Abigail Cowles, Niklas Richar, Jayne Wolbertt

– Boys track and field – Daniel Fisher, Jared Oliver

– Baseball – Brandon Forrest, Trevor Gladin, Shay Harry

– Basketball – Daniel McQuaide, Malliah Schreck