Clarion University Welcomes New President

The Clarion Call report
Clarion University

The fall semester of 2018 welcomed the new President to Clarion University, Dr. Dale-Elizabeth Pehrsson. Dr. Pehrsson has 25 years of experience in higher education and, before coming to Clarion,

Dr. Dale- Elizabeth Pehrsson

was the dean of the College of Education and Human Services at Central Michigan University. While in this role, she acted as the college’s chief executive and academic officer. Prior to this, she was an associate professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and was promoted to professor after only three years. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of State of New York-Albany. Then she went on to earn a Master of Education degree in curriculum, instruction and supervision, and a Master of Counseling degree. She graduated with a Doctor of Education degree in counselor education and counseling from Idaho State University. While there, she worked as a counselor at an elementary school and founded The Learning Connection-Literacy and Learning Disability Clinic in Pocatello. She is a nationally certified counselor and has authored and co-authored several publications.

As the new president, she will be succeeding Dr. Karen Whitney, who served as the university’s president for seven years and Dr. Peter Fackler who briefly served as the interim president. Dr. Whitney is certain that Pehrsson will be a good fit for Clarion, saying that she “has a unique set of tools.” Pehrsson has repeatedly shown her enthusiasm for this position and for Clarion University, saying she is “highly honored to have been chosen as the 17 president.” She also recently gave her car a makeover and dubbed it the “Eaglemobile.”

Phersson, as the president of our university, is the pinnacle of pride when it comes to our community. It only makes sense that she wrapped her car in a decal to make it resemble an eagle shining in Clarion’s own blue and gold.

Last semester, Dr. Pehrsson visited Clarion University to do a question and answer panel before she was chosen for president. She was asked questions on sustainability and education and how to best fit the needs of a 21-century student. Her response was thorough and highlighted how she lives a very sustainable life and believes she must teach others through doing, saying that there is a “fiduciary and ethical responsibility as a leader.” Dr. Pehrsson is warmly welcomed here to Clarion University and we are excited to see how she helps us grow.