CHS Holiday Madness

Michael Poff, band teacher at Cranberry High School, sends out a form each day to students and staff to vote on Cranberry’s favorite Christmas song.

Student contributor

In the midst of these hard times, people certainly need something to look forward to during the holiday season and what better than some music madness. 

Michael Poff, Andy Godnich, and Colin Milne have been working diligently to raise the Cranberry community’s spirits through finding Cranberry High School’s favorite Christmas song.

Using “The President’s Own Marine Band’s ‘Sousa’s March Mania’” as inspiration, Poff, Godnich, and Milne have created “CHS Holiday Madness.” They have paired various Christmas songs with similar themes to find CHS’s favorite Christmas song through voting.

Everyday that school is in session, Poff sends a google form via Gmail to students and staff with a couple different match-ups for that day. From there, participants are able to vote on which songs they prefer.

The winner will be announced a few days before Christmas break, and the organizers plan to announce the winner in a grandiose way.


Alaina Olson is a student at Cranberry High School and a member of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications class.