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A touchdown is the bush

Do you remember when play only needed an imagination to make wherever you were into whatever you needed it to be? A rock was home…


Why not a hug?

Where are those doves carrying olive branches of peace? We have people being shot followed by protests where more violence occurs, more potential for more…


A long time….

NOTE: All but one of the photographs below were taken Sept. 16 and 17, 2016, at the 24-hour POW/MIA vigil in Meadville, Pennsylvania. The other…


A day….

Note: The following blog isn’t written for sympathy or anything other than observation and understanding about this thing we call life. Today was a day….


The Money Shot

Assignment: A local kid (Seth Apel, who suffered from an accident that severed his arm in November, had it reattached, learned to throw with his…

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I am a rock….

To fly, to defy gravity and with each kiss be sent further. tich ……….. tiich …. tich … tich .. tich . tich tich tichtichtichtichtich….


The untold heart

I have known coach Tom Haynes for almost 20 years. Sounds funny saying that, but it’s true. I followed his Cochranton Cardinals from dismal seasons…


My 10-year-old teacher

“Do you want to come see my goats?” I turned around and looked down to see Ethan Knapp of the Milkmasters 4-H club staring up…


A concerned chief

Yesterday I had to cover a meeting. I don’t mind covering meetings because generally they are real and the participants are far more engaged with…


Family Values

When I think of family values I don’t go the same route as the conservatives or the liberals, I don’t think it has to be…

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Photo editing

Editing! This is one of the toughest things for a photographer to do or have to accept being done for them. We have images we…


You can see more photos

Virtually all newspaper photographers take dozens of pictures for a story that never make it into the next day’s paper. Years ago this was a…