A Walk in the Woods

A fritillary butterfly feeds on some ironweed.

All in the family

The late summer wildflowers are starting to show their true colors. Those brightening up the fields and woodlands include ironweed, goldenrod and Joe-Pye weed. Some…


Rain, rain

Rain, rain … wash the humidity away. While the region gets a break from the high humidity for a few days, the damp weather has helped the…

An orange daylily

A change of scenery

A recent visit to Heart’s Content in the Allegheny National Forest near Tidioute resulted in seeing some flora not usually seen in this blogger’s neck…

A female ruby-throated hummingbird on her nest.

A little surprised

Relying on one’s eyes only in the woods could lead to the failure to observe some of nature’s neatest surprises. While walking beside the neighbor’s…

A twelve-spotted skimmer dragonfly

Dragons of the pond

Buzzing around the neighbor’s pond are literally dozens of kinds of dragonflies and damselflies. These amazing insects can be difficult to identify especially from photographs….


So you saw a snake

Surprise and sometimes fear is often the reaction of those who happen along these animals with scales. According to the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission, there…


In living color

While the region is bathed in spring green, birds and flowers provide a change in color in spots. A pair of scarlet tanagers showed up…


Welcome back

The past few days have seen the return of the rose-breasted grosbeaks, the baltimore orioles and the resident ruby-throated hummingbird to their respective feeders. As high as…


Between the raindrops

  Between the raindrops there were some periods of blue sky and sunshine this past week. However, most of these periods happened while this picture…


Images of color

Last week brought beautiful butterflies, terrific tulips and perfectly pretty posies. When the rain finally stopped, the sun came out and nature showed off her true…


New and upcoming

  Warming temps and sunshine brought some new arrivals to both flora and fauna. Spring birds are starting to filter in as more buds preview…


Trip to Phipps

A trip to Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh during its Spring Flower Show provided a brilliant preview to the season when much of…

Buds on a lilac bush

Best buds

    The warming temperatures have brought out some of spring’s “best buds” over the past week. Lilacs have started putting forth leaves and the…